Warning given to China By Using Divine Wepon ” Agnyeshtra “

Warning given to China By Using Divine Wepon ” Agnyeshtra “

Hey man ! On Dated 23 December 2020 Wednesday at 7 A.M. Warning was given to China by using Divine weapon ” Agnyeshtra “.

Hey man ! Take it seriously and wear purity, cleanliness and refined yourself. Date 23 December 2020 day Wednesday at seven in the morning, a fire ball fell from the sky between Nagkian County and Yushu City in Qinghai Province, China. A huge ball of fire appeared in the sky and upon seeing it fell on the ground very fast. This mystery of fire was small at first but after three minutes it became very big and bright. This huge circle of fire fell from the sky, the locals were in panic.

Dan Ba, a local citizen of China, said that he saw the fireball while carrying his child to school. Passengers on the plane going from Xi’an to Lhasa also saw this fireball falling towards the earth and made videos. The mysterious incident told the media that the unidentified flying object appeared on Wednesday morning. Which was falling towards West Lake Camdo. People thought it was a meteorite but no debris of this unknown flying object was recovered.

The unknown fireball was not a meteorite. Why? Because if it was a meteorite, it would have been visible in the sky and t would have taken a photo with the camera. The truth is that this fireball was not a meteorite body but it was a firearms attack on China. China was warned by striking firearms at China.

Hey man ! You listen to me carefully. On 20 December 2020, preaching of RADIANT UPADESH OF GITA ended. On 21 December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn came together in a sign Capricorn at six degrees. On December 22, 2020, it was announced that the new era would be built and destruction and the work of establishing religion was started. And on December 23, 2020, China was warned against using firearms.

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