Why We Should Worshipping Only Lord Kalki

Why we should worshiping only to Lord Kalki (KALKI AVATAR)

Worshiping to Lord Kalki

Chanting the name and singing the name of Lord Kalki in Kaliyuga is only the base of getting mukti or salvation.

Maharshi ved Vysa ji wrote in Shrimad Bhagwatam Maha Puran 12;3:52 – “ What is attend in the Satyayuga by one contemplating on Lord Vishnu, in Treta by one who propitiates Him through sacrifices, and in Dwapara through worship of the Lord, is attend in the Kali age merely by chanting the name and singing the praises of Shri Hari.” It means the things to whom a people receive by doing meditation in Satyayuga, by doing big Yagya in treta and doing pooja (worship) properly in Dwapara, the same thing people will get easily by chanting the name of Lord in Kaliyuga.

Shri Narsing Puran, Chapter – 54, Ashlokas – 50-55 Paqge No – 239 prophesied the same above things clearly. In Padma Puran, Chapter Patal Khand, Title “Mahima of Naam kirtan…..” Page No – 565, Devi Parvati ji asked to Lord Shiva – “Kripanidhi! People will be in trouble due to son, wife, wealth etc by appearing the kaliyuga. Then what will be the solution of getting their Mukti?” Lord Shiva replied her – “Devi! In Kaliyuga, only the name of Hari will be a boat of crossing the ocean of Birth and Death. It means the name of Hari will be the only solution of getting Mukti / Salvation.” Ram Charit Manas, Baal kand 21/3-4 Page No – 28 prophesied – the people who are full of fear i.e. Artta are chanting the name of Lord. By doing so, their trouble removes easily and they become happy.

There are four types of devotee –
1. Atharthi (wealth seeker)
2. Artta (worship for removing the trouble)
3. Jigyasu (worship for knowing the God)
4. Gyani (worship the Lord only by knowing Him Tatwa Gyan or Brahma Gyan)

(Gita 7:16 prophesied the same thing clearly)

All of four are skilled or clever devotee of God and for all of four, name of Lord is the only base or solution. In Kaliyuga, there is no other alternate solution than chanting the name of Lord. Ram Charit Manas, Baal kand Doha 24 and 24/1, Page No – 30 – In treat yuga, Lord gave mukti to Sabari, Jatyu etc. only but by chanting the name of Lord Rama a lot of people had gotten Mukti. In Treta yuga, Lord Rama kept only two people into His Lotus feet i.e. was Sugreev and Bibhishan but the name of Lord Rama brought river of blessings for many people. Ram Charit Manas, Baal kand, Doha – 25, Page No – 25 prophesied – Name is the bigger than Nirgun Brahma and Sagun Brahma both. Ram Charit Manas, Baal kand, Doha – 20/1, Page No – 27 prophesied – As the servant walks after his master, similarly, Lord moves after His name. This is the reason, after knowing the name of Lord Kalki, people must chant and sing His name with pure devotion.