Arrival of Lord Kalki on Indian Soil


lord-vishnuLord manifested Himself in human form through His Own yogamaya and came down among us by controlling His Prakrti. He appeared on this earth on twelfth day of the bright fortnight (Sukla Paksha) in the month of Baishakha date 2nd May 1985. (Gita 4:6, kalki-Puran 1;2:15, Kalki comes in Nineteen Eighty Five, third Chapter) Parashurama, Kripa-Charya,Vedvyasa and Asvatthama came to see Him, who was born as an infant. (Kalki-Puran 1;2:25) Lord Kalki is the 10th Avatar of Lord Vishnu, arrived in Sambhalgram.

Shri VishnuYasa is His father and Sumati is His mother. Parashurama is His Guruwho taught Him Vedas and gave battle’s knowledge (yudh-vidya) on Mahendra Hill. He arrived having sixty-four arts to destroy the evil-doers and to establish the Dharma. Lord Shiva gave Him divine white horse and a sword named Ratnasaru. Lord Kalki has total nine Guru, their name is as below:

1. Kripacharya      2. Parashuram      3. Vashistha     4. Vedvyasa   5. Dhoumya   6. Akritavrana    7. Ashvattama    8. Madhucchandaand  9. Mandapala

Lord kalki will marry with two girls – Padmawati and Rama. After killing the evil-doers Lord Kalki will take rest in Narayana-Grih/NewHeaven/New Jerusalem/ Abhaya- dham. (Sanchhipta Ascand Puran page no 1038, Bible, Revelation 21:1-5 and Abhayadham called by Augustrishi).

Statement Of Son Of God Arun:

I will give you the news of happiness, knowing which you will attain supreme bliss. In Gita it is prophesied “I shall speak to you at length about that which out to be known, and knowing which one attains supreme Bliss. (Gita 13:12)” Lord told –“I shall give you showers of blessing.” Bible, Ezekiel 34:26 prophesied – “God will make then and the places round about His hill a blessing and He will cause the shower to come down in His season, there shall be showers of blessing.” Perhaps you will be in sorrow, perhaps you will be sick, perhaps you will be in financial crysis, perhaps you will be in family problem, and perhaps you will be in official problem. To-night God will give you showers of blessing.

You have not seen the face of God, how He is? You do not know the nature of God, how His Nature is? This is the reason God manifested Himself in human body and appeared on this earth to talk face to face with the people. Lord created Himself through own yogamaya (divine potency), keeping His Prakrti under control.

Whenever righteousness is on the decline, the unrighteousness is in the ascendant, He Body Himself forth. Now question is when righteousness is on the decline? When the maximum people go with the attachment of worldly things the attachment springs up desire and if desire does not fulfill it gives birth of anger. From anger people get confusion memory. By getting confusion memory people loses his knowledge and by losing knowledge, he starts doing evil works or adharma. (Gita 2:62 – 63).

In the end of Kaliyuga, people are completely involved in the attachment with the worldly things thus they have become full of desire. When their desires do not fulfill, they become anger and they lose their knowledge what to do or not to do? Owing to this reason they start doing Adharma or evil works. This is the exact time when Lord manifests Himself to destroy the adharma people or evil-doers and to establish dharma in full form.