New Haven


New Heaven is in India, Delhi – 110039 at Pooth Khurd near Maharshi Balmiki Hospital. Delhi is the capital of India. Its old name is Khandavaprastha. In certain time its name had changed. It was called with the name of Indraprastha. Its new name is Delhi. The house for the purpose of Lord taking rest in Kali yuga is New Heaven. The name of Lord is Kalki Maha Avatar . New Heaven had to construct in Delhi (Indraprastha) told by August Rishi. Scand Puran called it with the name of Narayana Grih. August Rishi called it with the name of Abhaya Dham.

It is called with the different name – New Heaven, Narayana Grih, Abhayadham and New Jerusalem.

Description Of the Place New Heaven:

The place for New Heaven was selected by God. This place came down from Real Golok Dham, the living Place of Purna Brahma. (Bible, Revelation 21:2) It is not the place of earth. In this place, Lord Kalki has to take rest in Light Form after doing the destruction of Evil, Adharma People & Malechha People. People will ask who had told to build the God’s House and who gave its map and elevation etc.? The person who has built it shall declare – Order was given by God of Prakriti and Purusha. (Bible, Exodus 25:8-9 and, Ascand Puran, Prabhas Khand, Title – “Narayana Grih, Jaleshwar Ling Ki Mahima …” Page No 1038 )

New Heaven is situated in the middle of Pooth Khurd, Delhi – 110039. Its land was purchased in 2001 in Lal dora. Pooth Khurd is a large town located in the district of New Delhi in the state of Delhi in India. It has a population of about 9389 persons living in around 1563 households. As per statement of the year 2001, total population was 8164 in which Male was 4452 and Female was 3712. Pooth Khurd is a census town in North West district in the Indian state of Delhi. It is basically a Jat village in the north-west region of Delhi, dominated by the Dabas gotra.

Pooth Khurd is a Village in North West Delhi Tehsil in Narela, North West Delhi District in Delhi State . Pooth Khurd is located 8.2 km distance from its District Main City North West Delhi . It is located 15 km distance from its State Main City Delhi .