Beware of Cloth

Beware of Cloth

O scattered people in the world ! Be careful, Those who walks on the line of scale of God under the direction of Son Of God Arun, only those people will be safe in this battle of Armageddon. In Bible, Revelation 16:13 – 14, John testified that – I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are demonic spirits that perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.

Hey man ! I, Aadishri Arun tell you that – Be careful ! I shall surprise you and surprise you. Blessed is the one who keeps awake, and keeps his clothes with him so that he does not fall naked and people will not see him ashamed. Thus the demons gathered those kings and brought them to the place which is called Armageddon in Hebrew. After this, the seventh angel poured his bowl into the air and came out of a thunderous sounding temple from the throne saying, “It is finished.”

At that time, lightning started blaring, thunder and thunder began to roar and a big earthquake also occurred. This was the most terrible earthquake since man appeared on this earth. The great city was broken into three pieces and the cities of the unrighteous were destroyed. God had remembered to punish the metropolis of Babylon. So that he gives her the cup full of the wine of his raging anger. All the islands disappeared. No mountain could be detected. Forty kilos of hailstones were falling on people from the sky. Due to this hailstorm, people were cursing God because it was a terrible disaster. Bible, Revelation, 16:15 – 21 Look back.

Hey man ! I, Aadishri Arun tells you that you should be careful in the matters of your clothes. The cloth that I am talking to you is not of this body, but it is of the soul. And wearing this spiritual garment is the work of religion, the work that goes on according to the word of God. Those who walk according to the word of God are given the soul of that man to wear white cloth. Only the soul of the person is put on the white cloth, which is determined by divine conduct. Then his nakedness disappears. And gathered those people in the place called Armageddon. Bible, Revelation 16:16 Look back.

Hey man ! You can be safe in the battle of Armageddon by covering the purification or nakedness of garments before God appears to the people of CHRIST JESUS ​​at the time of seven years of great tribulation. I will remember that the person who became righteous after believing the words of CHRIST JESUS ​​and the commands of God CHRIST JESUS ​​after hearing the disgrace of Elijah and Moses during this seven year great tribulation; And after listening to the commands of God CHRIST JESUS ​​which were written on the pages of Bible, he became righteous and his soul was put on a white garment and his nakedness was covered.

He man ! Those who have covered their nakedness by wearing white clothes will be people of God’s chosen community. Those who will obey the commands of Lord CHRIST JESUS, in their BEHALF, God will stand up and win the battle of Armageddon and end that battle.

Similarly, there will be a fierce war even before the arrival of Lord CHRIST JESUS. The Battle of Armageddon will be a physical battle before the arrival of God CHRIST JESUS ​​physically. This fight will be spiritually with God’s chosen people. Hey man You will be aware that you are fighting this battle of Armageddon spiritually, in the year of 2020. In the year 2020, temples, mosques, churches and other religious places were postponed. All collective religious programs of people who give knowledge of God were banned.

At such a time, everyone is busy in mobile to appease their minds. In the present day, the work of spreading divine knowledge has been stopped by the wicked. Today the work of the Holy Spirit ceased in the lives of the people. If you go to worship in the temple, mosque and church in the year 2020, you cannot go because the temple, mosque and church were blocked and closed. All the paths leading to you and guiding you were followed. All the great prophets have become UNDERGROUND. There is no one today to tell what will happen and what will not happen in the country.

Hey man ! What do you think that the old snake, that is, the old dragon, that the devil has not cooled your desire to worship God in the battle of Armageddon? Today all religious people are tired, today all religious spokesmen are tired. Today all the priests are tired. Wrong teachings have been ignited in the minds of all people today. Today from this past year 2020, all religious spokesmen, religious priests, all those who have learned the path of God have been humiliated. A religious spokesman is blaming another religious spokesperson. They are abusing their holy spirit by abusing each other. Just as a rat cuts a cloth and makes a hole in the cloth. In the same way, people are mastered to pierce each other’s character-like clothes.

Hey man ! Just think if the battle of Armageddon has not been going on since the year 2020? To tell the truth, righteousness is declining today. Today is the fall of love. Abhishek is collapsing today. Hey man Today, those who will try to cover nakedness within this battle of Armageddon; That is, those who will walk on the scale of God by God son Arun and follow the instructions of God son Arun, only those people will start to sew pure muslin cloth of righteousness for themselves.
And those who follow the word of God and follow the instructions of Son Of God Arun and you will follow the path of a pure life, then Lord CHRIST JESUS ​​says that I will stand in the BEHALF of only such people in their life. I will work and win the battle of Armageddon and end this battle of Armageddon.
Those who walks on the line of scale of God under the direction of Son Of God Arun, only those people will be safe in this battle of Armageddon.

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