Kalki Avatar

Kalki Avatar

(Ishwar Putra Arun)

Kalki Avatar – Lord Kalki has taken avatar on earth on the 12th day of the ascendant moon cycle of Baisakh month. This is certified in the Kalki Puranas in chapter 1, section 2 verse 15 and in the book “Kalki comes in 1985, chapter 3. This book-“Kalki comes in 1985”-further mentions that the Lord comes at the above mentioned time, in the village of Sambhala, in the house of father Vishnuyasha and mother Sumati. In 1985, this combination mentioned above, falls on the second of May. Therefore it can be said with certainty that Lord Narayan has come as his 24th avatar on the second of May 1985. The texts say that the birth will be in the house of a Brahmin in village Sambhala in north India. There are two Sambhala villages in north India. One is near Moradabad and the other one is on the Mathura Brindavan border near Gauri Math. The village Sambhala near Moradabad is 98% Muslim in population and there are very few Brahmin families there. Followers of Lord Krishna are very little e.i. negligible and far between. Therefore it seems improbable that Lord Kalki could take birth in that village. The other village near Gauri math has a large number of Brahmins and most are Krishna devotees. Therefore the conclusion is that this village-on the Mathura Brindavan border, near Gauri math-is where Lord Kalki has taken avatar.

The Srimad Bhaagvatam Mahapuraana clearly mentions in book 4, chapter 5, verse 27-28, that the Lord said that he would come as Lord Kalki to protect the pious, to destroy the wicked and he would carry out the secret rituals on the earth in divine Brindavan. He said that when Kaliyuga is at its peak, I and the Gopis will carry out the divine love ritual. At the end of Kaliyuga, on the request of Radha, I will take birth as Lord Kalki.

Like Lord Krishna, Lord Kalki also took birth in his four armed form. But when that happened, Lord Brahma sent a message through Lord Vaayu, that he-Lord Kalki must convert his form to a two armed form and appear like an ordinary man. On hearing this, Lord Kalki converted His form to the normal two armed form and his parents who had actually seen him in the four armed form, were thunderstruck and they came to believe that they had only imagined the four armed form.

Details of Lord Kalki’s father and mother.

As mentioned above, the name of lord Kalki’s mother is Sumati and the name of the father is Vishnuyasha. Vishnuyasha is the avatar of Swayambhu Manu. This is stated in the Padma Puranas chapter 1, section40, verse 46, and page number 949. Swayambhu Manu had done penance on the banks of the river Gomti and on being granted a boon, he had asked the Lord that the Lord may be born as his son in three of his avatars. Thus Swayambhu Manu was born as King Dashratha and Lord Narayan was born as his son, Lord Rama. In the second avatar, Swayambhu Manu was born as Vasudeva and Lord Narayan took avatar as Lord Krishna and of course Swayambhu Manu is born as Vishnuyasha and Lord Narayan has taken avatar as Lord Kalki.

Details of Lord Kalki’s Guru.

The moment Lord Kalki was born, he started growing at a very fast pace. On seeing this, his father Vishnuyasha did his Janeyu ceremony and sent him to Mahendar Mountain, under the tutelage of Lord Parshurama. When his tutelage was over, Parshurama gave him the following instructions. He said that – “I have given you knowledge and Lord Shiva has l given you weapons and knowledge. Now go to Singhal land marry your wife and after that destroy Kaliyuga, establish Dharma righteousness on earth. It is mentioned in the Srimad Bhaagvatam Mahapuraana that the time for the start of Satyuga is when the three planets, Sun, Moon and Jupiter enter the Pushya Nakshatra together. According to Kalki Puran Lord kalki has Nine Guru – (1) Krpiacharya (2) Parshuama (3) Vashistha (4) Vyasa (5) Dhoumya (6) Akritavarma (7) Ashvathama (8) Madhucchanda and (9) Pandapala.
For pleasing His father, Lord kalki did Rajasuya, Vajapeya, Ashvamedha and othe verious sacrifices with all rituals prescribed in the sacrificial for the achievement of Dharma, Kama and Artha (Wealth).

Kalki’s War:

Kalki’s war with Kikatpur:

The great conqueror, Kalki then paid homage to his father and started for conquering Kikatpur with his army. Although the city of Kikatpur is unidentified, yet it is specified that Kikatpur is The residents of that city do not worship God or their forefathers. They do not fear after-life. Other than the body, they do not believe in any soul. They do not have any pride in their lineage or in their race; money, marriage etc. are insignificant to them. People of that place eat and drink a variety of things.

Kalki’s war with Kali (The Antichrist) and Gog & Magog:

[Dharma (Righteousness or Law) said to Kalki] “Right now, infidels like Saka, Kamboja, Sabara etc. are under the control of Kali and that mighty Kali has defeated me taking advantage of the influence of the time. The pious men are being tortured and consigned to the flames. That’s why I have come for your protection.

Thus, Kalki, surrounded by his allies set out for the desired place for conquering the infidels like Khasha, Kamboja, Sabara, Barbarians etc. … The people who lived there carry out the orders of women. Hearing that Kalki has come for battle, the angry Kali, along with his allies, sons and grandsons came riding on a chariot out of the city of Bishasan. On seeing Kali, Kalki ordered his followers to engage in battle with him.
Bible, Revelations 19:19 I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him who sat on the horse, and against his army.

Lord Kalki, along with his soldiers armed with various types of weapons engaged in war with Kok and Bikok. These two brothers are supreme demons, great fanatics and adept in the art of war. These brothers are intimately connected, powerful, hard to defeat and are even feared by the Gods.

The surprise elements here are the description of the war with brothers called “Kok and Bikok”, who are allied with Kali. These are surely Gog and Magog described in the Biblical book of Revelations and “Yajooj and Majooj” described in the Islamic prophecies.

Soon they entered the city of Bishasan, the capital of Kali, and burnt down the city using fiery missile. Alongwith the city, Kali too was burnt and his sons and relatives were destroyed.

The war against Vallat Nagar:
Thus, after attaining victory, Kalki started for the city of Vallat ruled by the Sashyakarns along with his soldiers and allies. His (the King of Vallat) name is Sashidhwaj. He is intelligent, handsome, tall, brave and has a huge military. King Sashidhwaj arrived at the battlefield and dispersed the powerful soldiers of Kalki. Thus, King Sashidhwaj managed to defeat Kalki, capture Him and some of His allies and went back to his palace.

The battle of Vallat is the most terrible battle fought by Kalki so far. In this battle, Kalki was defeated and captured in the war and taken prisoner by the King Sashidhwaj of Vallat. However, it is mentioned that the King was aware of the divine nature of Kalki and it has been said that even after capturing Him, the king showed Him utmost respect and entered in a peace treaty with Him, offering his own daughter Rama for marriage with Kalki.

Next, King Sashidhwaj recalled his sons from the battlefield and gave away his daughter Rama for marriage with Kalki in accordance with the wishes of his wife, Sushanta. All the allies of Kalki were invited to Vallat from the battlefield (for the marriage).

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