Are you Killing your own Happiness?

Are you Killing your own Happiness?

God says that Happiness and joy are the inherent nature of the soul. That means that even if we do nothing, we should be in a state of happiness. Yet the reality is very different. We find ourselves surrounded by worries and sorrows. Life is difficult and a daily struggle and we don’t know how to be happy. The question is that if Happiness is a natural state then why are most of us unhappy?

If we examine this question closely, an interesting thought comes. Could it be that it is us and not circumstances who are responsible for our unhappiness? Is it possible that we ourselves are killing our own happiness?

Let us examine what happiness is. It is basically a state of mind and heart where we feel that the world is a good place and that we are empowered to do what we want to do. Empowerment is the key to feeling happy. Even if our life is not good, if we feel that we can change our situation, then we will not be unhappy. Instead we would feel motivated and charged up to change our life inspite of the difficulties. Unhappiness starts to seep in to our life when we feel helpless. Unhappiness comes when we feel stuck in life.

Thus the state of happiness is related to a state of empowerment and not our actual circumstances.

Examine your thoughts from this perspective. Examine your life for those activities that make your feel disempowerment. Is most of your time spent in doing those activities that you don’t like? Do you feel that you have no options but to do things you don’t like because you have to earn your living and look after your family? Do you feel trapped by the work you do? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you have the answer to why you are unhappy. The fact is that if you spend your life immersed in those activities that you don’t like, you will be disempowered and unhappy. Working harder at those activities would not be the answer.

Instead you must ask yourself. Why have you allowed yourself to be dictated to by circumstances? You may find-as most will-is that the answer is fear. The fact is that most of you feel alone and helpless. You feel that there is no-one there for you if you fail. This is the basic reason why people take disempowering but safe decisions and waste their entire life doing things they hate.

But what if you are not alone? What if you have a loyal supporter who will be at your back to help you whatever may happen? Would you feel unhappy? The answer would be a resounding No!
Friends, I have some good news. All of us have that ultimate protector at our back! Who is He? He is none other than God Himself.

You may well ask. If I have God as my protector then why is my life so difficult? The answer is that we don’t let God work his best solutions for us in our life. Instead we let negative and fearful thoughts blossom inside and we stop listening to that part of our brain that has a direct connection with God. Many of us even kill that part of our brain that is called consciousness. The fact is that it is our negative, fearful and egoistical thoughts that are the problem.

Every Thought is like a seed that has the potential to become a fruit giving tree. Your life can change with just one right thought. The life of most people is not good only because they spend most of their time in negative corrosive emotions and in doing those activities that they don’t like. They live in negative barren thoughts. Your mind and heart are not in the work you do. The result is mediocrity and failure and you lose confidence in your abilities. You somehow carry on in order to survive. Your life becomes a burden to you.

How to change this negative self harming behavior? How Shabd-Surat yoga is a solution that can help you. Surat-Shabd yoga will start bringing about a change that will appear miraculous to your defeated mentality. Surat-Shabd yoga rebuilds you connection with God. When that happens, you will see miracles happening in your life and you will start believing that you are worthy of God’s love. This will once again give you confidence that you had once had but you subsequently lost. This feeling of support from God creates space for you to start believing in yourself. Use that space to start doing what you like to do. Start listening to your heart. Start doing those things that you are good at and that you enjoy. Stop those activities that you don’t like but the world wants you to do. Rest assured you will have a much better life.

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