Author - Aadishri Arun

Warning given to China By Using Divine Wepon ” Agnyeshtra “

Hey man ! On Dated 23 December 2020 Wednesday at 7 A.M. Warning was given to China by using Divine weapon ” Agnyeshtra “.

Hey man ! Take it seriously and wear purity, cleanliness and refined yourself. Date 23 December 2020 day Wednesday at seven in the morning, a fire ball fell from the sky between Nagkian County and Yushu City in Qinghai Province, China. A huge ball of fire appeared in the sky and upon seeing it fell on the ground very fast. This mystery of fire was small at first but after three minutes it became very big and bright. This huge circle of fire fell from the sky, the locals were in panic. (more…)

Global Alarm

“Beware! No One Will Take Your Crown”.
People are losing a most valuable opportunity:

1) To become ‘Children of God’.

2) To become ‘Sons of God’.

3) Being a Prince to God.

4) Receiving a Crown.

Beware! No One Will Take Your Crown.

GOD created angels in number of millions and millions, and they are always round about the throne of God and four beasts full of eyes and twenty- four elders. They are pure, clean, white light and most obedient to God and God uses them for doing His precious works too. (more…)

A comprehensive knowledge for Entirety of mankind

The knowledge enumerated below is a new and comprehensive guidance which is applicable to all humans without discrimination on the basis of race, religion or gender so that all humans on earth may find peace and happiness. This guidance is based on the eternal word of God but where it differs from previous guidances written in the scriptures, is in the fact that this guidance is fine-tuned for the present times -the age of Kaliyuga

1. The universe was created from Poorn Brahma which exists eternally. This ever present existence is also called “Om, Tat, Sat” which is otherwise defined by the term Sat-Chit-Anand. Sat-Chit-Anand means Truth; Consciousness; Bliss. The term “Om Tat Sat” is also a term that denotes the nature of God. The word Om literally is the life breath of God. This life breath is what creates all that is created. This is why The word Om is prefixed before undertaking all spiritual processes since all techniques of spiritual growth such as yagya, donations(offerings) and penance are all dedicated to reaching the highest abode of Sat-Chit-Ananda. The word “TAT” means that all belongs to Paratma and when this attitude is taken before undertaking any spiritual process, then the process becomes of the highest order. This means that even when we do any yagya for a particular benefit, we should dedicate the fruits of that yagya to all of mankind rather than our selfish ends. The word “SAT” means that God alone is complete Truth.

2. From Sat-Chit-Anand Brahma emerges the first few aspects of creation. These are
a. Brahman-the one who knows God
b. The Vedas-The constitution (rule-book) of creation.
c. Yagya-The methods of sacrifice (offerings) to the gods and to God Himself.

3. The world as we see it is actually a place of sorrow. The very nature of this world is sorrow and sorrow is the result of any worldly expectation we may have. Just as it is in the nature of a library to contain books of various types, similarly it is in the nature of this world to contain sorrows of various types.
4. Escape from sorrow while living in this world is the goal of all humans and Aadishree suggests the following paths to do so.
a. Accept the fact that life itself means sorrow of all kinds and that we will continually experience sorrows from birth to death.
b. The cause of sorrow is desire. Desire for particular objects and particular results is the beginning of sorrow.
c. Even though life is sorrow but it is possible to overcome sorrow in this life.
d. The cause of sorrow is the belief that “This is mine” and “This is not mine”. Fear, expectation, desire, Ego and anger are born from the sense of “Mine” and “Not mine”. The only way out is to practice “Surat Shabd yoga” and to rise early morning in the period called “Brahma Moorat.”
e. Expectation is the mother of desire and the non achievement of the object of desire gives rise to anger. Anger clouds wisdom and with the loss of wisdom causes the fall of man. Therefore expectation should be avoided.
f. When a person rejects expectation in a natural manner, such a person achieves union with God in the most simple of manners even as he lives in this world and in his own body.
g. On the other hand anger is the easiest way to close the doors to spiritual growth as a person with anger is committing self harm. Holding anger in your heart is like holding a burning coal in your hand, waiting to throw it onto the person you hate. You may never be able to throw the burning coal onto the person but you would have burnt your hand in the meantime.
h. We can hate only when we differentiate between “What is mine” and “What is not mine”. If that basic division is lost, then expectation, desire, anger etc cannot arise and the person remains eternally happy. Nothing can prevent a person who has lost this division from reaching the cherished goal of realization.
i. How do we maintain this detachment between “What is mine” and “What is not mine?” Simple-Whatever we do in life, if we dedicate it to the eternal presence, Om-Tat-Sat or Sat-Chit-Anand brahma, then we will lose that sense of “Mine” and “Not mine”, since all that exists belongs (emerges from) Sat-Chit-Ananda Brahma.
j. How to implement this in our daily life? By dedicating all we do-what we eat, drink, achieve, sacrifice, donate, do penance-all must be dedicated to the eternal Brahma. If we do this, we soon achieve the eternal Brahma in our life.
k. Apart from this attitude we must adopt some practical steps as well. We must arise early morning before sunrise since that time is best suited for spiritual practice. In fact sleeping at this hour is the path of sin. This is why most of us undergo suffering since we start our day by sinning. Scientists tell us that at the time of Brahma Murta (early morning before sunrise) a hormone called Serotonin is released. This hormone fills us with good health and energy. Therefore getting up before sunrise to do meditation is a key activity to align ourselves with God’s plan.
l. Another important thing that we do wrong is that we partake in offerings in ceremonies dedicated to the dead. When we attend ceremonies such as Thirteen day after death ceremonies , we lose all our spiritual energy since that energy is donated to the soul of the deceased person.
m. Another important step is to attain and maintain good health since without good health we can never do consistent spiritual practice. A very basic practice we can do is to do Pranayama since that purifies the inner being of man. A person who is pure from inside is the one who is fit to sit with the gods.
n. We should also dedicate the first two hours of our day to our spiritual practice. One hour should be dedicated to Yoga, Pranayama and physical exercise to maintain our body health while the second hour should be dedicated to meditation.
o. Faith in God is also another pre-requisite since without 100 % faith God-realization cannot be achieved.
p. Devotion is the highest virtue that we can inculcate since devotion to God is essential for us to reach Moksha. What is Devotion? Devotion can be described as consistent love for God. This state of love towards what we cannot see with our eyes is the culmination of a long journey of spiritual evolution. This journey begins when we start evolving from selfish self-love to love for another being. As we go on our journeypf loving others-from our children, to friends and to others, we realize that all beings are evolved from the same Super-soul called God. That all beings are essentially from the same source. When we realize this eternal Truth, we start loving all beings without discrimination to their shape and form. That is when the gap between our soul and that of God disappears and we get realized. The essential quality that is required for us to start this journey is love for another and this love must be not demanding anything in return since selfish love is not love but a feeder to our ego. It is said that no-one can tie God with even the most powerful of forces but love is the delicate thread that can tie God to us.
q. We should also stop dwelling on the past or the future. Learning from our mistakes is fine but over dwelling is wrong since it prevents us from living in the present. And only the present is real.
r. We should also try not to do harm to others since whatever we do comes back to us as per the law of Karma. We should always have a positive approach to our life and to our actions.
s. We have to realize that God is the only basis of our happiness and if we truly believe this, then our desire to know God will increase and we will tend to dedicate our life to the quest of God-realization. IF that happens, then nothing can prevent us from achieving this goal.
t. So these are some of the attitudes and actions we have to inculcate to attain God-realization. Since God is the source of Sat-Chit-Anand (Truth, consciousness, bliss), achieving God means that we attain eternal happiness as well.
u. So we must continue our steady practice and not get disturbed by the coming of sorrow. If our life is hard, then we must remember that it will not be eternally so. Just as night follows day, sorrow follows happiness in an eternal cycle.
v. The one who is of even mind in the face of happiness and sorrow, is the one who quickly comes close to God.

Aadishree Arun

Worldwide warning for Tribulation Period

Tribulation has divided into two part. Each of them are the period of three and half years.

The end of the first part of the tribulation is followed by a brief time of peace and holiness on earth.

For us today, the words of Christ Jesus are a call for us to be ready for the onset of the worst time because Tribulation has already started.

(1) Pride Will Come Before the Fall. This is the reason get victory over Pride.

(2) Make ourselves Pure. God has given us opportunity to make ourselves Pure.

(3) Always Live in the contact with Lord. This is the reason make perfect heavenly environment to live in, to walk in , and to work in. (more…)

Returning of Christ Jesus Lord Kalki as a Great hero

Today I will tell you that while Lord Jesus was returning first time, He had promised His disciples that I will come inside this world once again. God’s greatest promise in this regard is described only in the Revelation chapter of the Bible, and there is no such major promise anywhere written in the Bible except that Lord Jesus said – “I will come again to this world.”

Now I will tell this secret hidden in the Bible, Revelation Chapter, which had been secret for a long time, because now it is time to open it. If the secret is opened when appropriate opportunity comes, then the meaning of the mystery will be proved.

The Bible, in Revelation chapter 19, describes the arrival of Lord Jesus as a great hero. The way a hero comes inside the film and he kills all the villains; Kills all the evil minded people and After that he establishes the truth and does it in exactly the same way that the arrival of Lord Jesus will return to this earth.

The Bible, in Revelation chapter 19, predicts that the arrival of the Lord Jesus as the greatest hero, will be riding on a white horse to put an end to all villains, that is, all unrighteousness people. Bible, Revelation chapter 19 discusses His second coming back again.

Verse 1-6 of the Bible, Revelation, Chapter 19 states that – And after these things I heard a great voice of much people in heaven, saying, Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honor, and power, unto the Lord our God:

For true and righteous are his judgments: for he hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand.
And again they said, Alleluia And her smoke rose up for ever and ever.

And the four and twenty elders and the four beasts fell down and worshiped God that sat on the throne, saying, Amen; Alleluia.

And a voice came out of the throne, saying, Praise our God, all ye his servants, and ye that fear him, both small and great.

And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thundering, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.

The Bible is repeated four times the word “Alleluia ” within Revelation 19: 1-6, in fact it is the slogan imposed in Jewish culture to praise the God. In the Jewish culture, the Jewish people chant this slogan for God on every festival or occasion.

In the past, when the Jewish people celebrated the festival, they used to sing 6 hymns on every festival, chanted songs or bhajans and in the end there were four loud slogans – Hallilooiyah. They used to chant the song or Bhajan, from the Bible, Psalm chapters 113 to 118 and chant four times used to speak the word “Alleluia ” as a slogan in the end.
The same slogan that the Jewish people used to chant for the glory of God is being raised by all the believers in the heavenly temple of God.

Verse 1 to 7 of the Bible, Revelation chapter 19, states that the word Haliluyyyah slogan to Lord Jesus is being heard by a large crowd of believers inside heaven.
The 24 elders, who used to be the 24 lentils of the priests, and the four beings, all together, are bowing down to God. When the big slogan for God was “Halleluyyyah”, then 24 elders who used to be 24 groups of priests, all of them used to lie down in the temple of God and offer obeisance in the same way for Lord jesus at this time also. Happening.

This is happening because the time has come for the establishment of the kingdom of God. The Bible is revealing the same truths in verses 1 to 7 of Revelation chapter 19.
Verse 7 of the Bible, Revelation chapter 19, says that, “Come, let us rejoice in joy and glory to God!” Because the time has come for the marriage of the lamb, his bride is ready.

The book, Bible 19:7 says that, Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to Him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath made herself ready.
Verse 8 of the Bible, Revelation chapter 19, says that – put on the clean linen that he is allowed, that cleanliness ! ” (This is a symbol of the religious works of saints.)

Verse 9 of the Bible, Revelation chapter 19 says that – Then the angel said to me “Write blessed are those who have been invited to this wedding feast.” He then said, “These are the true words of God.”

Verse 10 of the Bible, Revelation chapter 19 says that – Then I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “Be careful! Do not do this. I am a fellow servant of God with you and your image who have the responsibility of preaching the message given by Jesus. Worship God because the message authenticated by Jesus is proof that he has the soul of a prophet (Ambassador of God). ”

The Bible, Revelation Chapter 19 here says first time that one of the main things that the sons of God who have worn clean white clothes, which are clean, that is, of linen or cleanliness, are not called the bride of God, but the wife of God.

It is to be noted that under the New Testament of the Bible, for the first time, the sons of God who have worn clean white clothes, which are clean, that is, of linen , are not called the bride of God, but the status of God’s wife.

Bible, 12:4 to 6 and and chapter 19 :7 to 9 has prophesied has prophesied – Out of the 12 tribes, 1,44,000 were separated, only those who were brought to the throne of God and only those clean white clothes, which are clean, that is of , have worn it, which God has seen for 1260 days. He only wore the clothes of pure white linen and the only armies of heaven sitting on white horses were following God. A sharp-edged sword was coming out of his mouth to attack the wrongdoers. He will rule over them with an iron rod.
The same 1,44,000 people will be married to God, who is not called the bride of God, but is given the status of God’s wife.

After the completing of three and a half years, when 1,44,000 people will be separated, then in the next three and a half years, those selected 1,44,000 people will be able to wear clean white cloth which is clean, that is, of linen and only those people Time will come for marriage with the God of God. That is, this work will be done after spending a total of 7 years. Then they will not be the bride of God. Then they will get the status of Lord Jesus’s wife. That is, those Lord Jesus will take all his wives to his father’s house, i.e. hat is, those wives will go to their father-in-law house or ruler ‘s house. That is, all those chosen people will go to their Supreme Father Purna Brahma Parmeshwar along with Lord Jesus, that is, they will go to their own house or Nij Dham.

What the believers have longed for is that when they will meet God and when they will return to their home, their own abode, that dream is coming soon. Bible Chapter 19 says that those chosen people are given the right to wear fine linen, clean clothes. Wearing this fine linen, clean cloth means “the work of religion of the holy people” and what is the work of religion? Establishment of religion on earth. Fine linen, clean clothes means that those people will get a body in which the body is not allowed to come to the dead. It means that will be a glorified body.